The O’VIVES project stems from a vision to create a practical, friendly living space right in the heart of the city. In this legendary Geneva neighbourhood, you’ll find the best of urban vitality hand in hand with state-of-the-art transit services. How? A train station and an intelligent architectural concept that brings together homes, shops, offices and services – not to mention a plaza and a stunning theatre, la Nouvelle Comédie

Already a gentrifying neighbourhood, the Eaux-Vives is currently the scene of a metamorphosis without precedent. A new underground train station was built in 2019 on the LEMAN Express line, offering service to an increasing amount of travellers and commuters daily.

This station is the epicentre of a grand-scale project – a veritable mini-city in the heart of the city. This remarkable urban mosaic will include an underground shopping centre (O’GALERIES), restaurants, homes, a child-care centre, a sports centre, pool and theatre. Just imagine a neighbourhood that perfectly balances the practical and the pleasing. Busy but happy in true Geneva style.

Don’t worry. The heart and soul of Eaux-Vives will stay the same even as it is transformed and refined. Faithful to the spirit of openness, the area will build bridges: between Switzerland and France, between elegance and trendiness, between legend and future. Be transported into this Geneva of tomorrow.