The O’VIVES project stems from a vision to create a practical, friendly living space right in the heart of the city. In this legendary Geneva neighbourhood, you’ll find the best of urban vitality hand in hand with state-of-the-art transit services. How? A train station and an intelligent architectural concept that brings together homes, shops, offices and services – not to mention a plaza and a stunning theatre, la Nouvelle Comédie

Already a gentrifying neighbourhood, the Eaux-Vives will soon be the scene of a metamorphosis without precedent. A new underground train station will be built by 2019 on the LEMAN Express line, offering service to some 50,000 travellers and commuters daily.

This station will be the epicentre of a grand-scale project – a veritable mini-city in the heart of the city. This remarkable urban mosaic will include an underground shopping centre (O’GALERIES), restaurants, homes, a child-care centre, a sports centre, pool and theatre. Just imagine a neighbourhood that perfectly balances the practical and the pleasing. Busy but happy in true Geneva style.

Don’t worry. The heart and soul of Eaux-Vives will stay the same even as it is transformed and refined. Faithful to the spirit of openness, the area will build bridges: between Switzerland and France, between elegance and trendiness, between legend and avant-garde. Be transported into this Geneva of tomorrow.


Welcome to a truly connected neighbourhood! Sure to become one of Geneva’s most vibrant areas, O’VIVES is ideally situated. Located just a few minutes by foot from Geneva’s famous Jet d’Eau and the Rue Basses – the Old Town’s shopping district – it will effectively be an extension of the downtown.

With the new LEMAN Express, this neighbourhood will become a major axis for mobility. The new “Genève – Eaux‑Vives” train station will connect the left and right banks, bringing Switzerland and France closer together. And if you want to relax, the lakeshore and one of the city’s most beautiful parks are just steps away. It’s the perfect mix of quality of life and openness to the world.

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The renaissance of a neighbourhood
The heart of O’VIVES is the underground railway station, “Genève – Eaux-Vives”, a crucial axis point of the LEMAN Express line. Around this will be the reinterpretation of a legendary neighbourhood. A true downtown development, O’VIVES will be the perfect place for strolling, shopping, services, sports and living – all in one location.

The architecture will integrate fully into the identity of
Eaux-Vives: it injects an avant-garde, intelligent vision while remaining true to existing codes. Spread out three buildings – O’CENTRE, O’GALERIES and O’PARC – the project promises to be harmoniously urban. The plaza, the green space and the underground shopping centre (O’GALERIES) create balance in the space, with sustainable development as a backdrop.